Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Aroma-Smoothie for your health

Cranberry-smoothie with Citrus limon - essential oil
 To make a good tasting organic fruit-green-Smoothie - you need:
- 1 handful fresh Cranberries
- 1 apple sour
- 4 dried apricots
- 4 dried dates
- 1 handful fresh corn-salad
- 1 tablespoonful cashew nuts
- 1 pinch flax seed
- 1 tablespoonful  coco nut flakes
- 6 drops Hippophae rhamnoides
- 2 drops Citrus limon Essential oil organic!!
- 1 drop Vanilla planifolia Essential oil or a pinch of dried Vanilla powder
- 1 pinch of Cinnamomum ceylanicum
- fresh Water 500 ml (depending on the texture you like)

To mix it with a professional mixer and fill it up in nice glasses and decorate it with sliced Cranberries.

fresh corn-salad

Cranberries - organic

sliced Cranberry
If you like a fresh lemon fruit more, than change the 2 drops of essential oil Citrus limon in one organic lemon fruit.

Enjoy your smoothie!

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