Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

The filling of essential oils and plant oils for aromanursing and aromatherapy

To weigh the essential oils per batch.

To record the batch number.

The finished mixture is transferred to a laboratory glass with spout.

To fill in the essential oil blend in the brown glas bottles.

The child-resistant closure with sealing ring is screwed.

To label is glued on the brown glas.

A transparent, wipe-clean label to protect the original label.

To cut the transparent label to the size which is needed.
The pharmaceutical-technical assistant of the pharmacy must weigh the essential oils per batch. The recipe is normally given in gtt = drops. For example a basic mixture: 5 gtt Citrus limon, 3 gtt Melaleuca leucadendra, 2 gtt Eucalyptus globulus for an antimicrobial room-scenting. Of these, 4 - 6 drops placed in a fragrant burner.

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