Montag, 16. April 2012

An Andean room-scenting-spray

Myrtus communis Andes
From a Peruvian project (Primavera Life, Germany), you could buy 2 great scenting essential oils in organic quality:

- Myrtus communis Andes, Myrtle Andes
  - Monoterpene (...75 %) For example: Alpha-Pinen, ...
  - Oxide ( ... 10%) For example: 1,8-Cineol
  - Monoterpenole (... 7%) For example Linalool, Myrtenol, ...
  - Sesquiterpene (... 1,5 %)

  - what could Myrtle Andes do: expectorant, analgetic, promote blood circulation, stimulating lymph flow, special aromatogramm (MRSA) good effects,  ...

In the backround, the slope with Aloysia triphylla
  - his Hydrosol you could use against acne

- Aloysia triphylla Andes, Lemon verbena Andes
  - Limonen
  - Geranial 10 %
  - Citronellal

In the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology is an article about Aloysia triphylla and other aromatic plants and its antimicrobial activity.

When I visited this project many years ago, the joy of these two great essential oils is unbroken. Here is a recipe for a room-scenting-spray, 2% in 70% alcohol:

Aloysia triphylla Andes
7 gtt Citrus paradisii
3 gtt Myrtus communis Andes


8 gtt Citrus limon
2 gtt Aloysia triphylla Andes

Aloysia triphylla Andes with a sickle

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