Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Limited essential oil travel bags and nice bags for vegetable oil - handmade

You are looking for a great travel bag for your essential oils - then you're in the right place.

variant one with a lighter purple
variant two with a more aubergine color
These limited, wonderful and handmade cloth bags are for 20 essential oils and with a little pocket for your fragrant fleece and your scented strips.

These fragrant fleeces are fitting in: and the new one
They'll come empty, so that you can decide of your own, what kind of material and essential oil you put in. I use the bottles for fragrance samples - you can find it in Homeopathy shops.

variant one with a snap closure
Curled it requires only little space and if you have opened it - you can easily change your essential glas bottles from the elastic band.
variant two with a bobble closure
 Be careful not to take much pressure on the travel bag, if you use glas bottles.

The second handmade and limited bag is for vegetable oil in 100 ml bottles. 4 bottles have there place and ideal for representing on your working place.
These are the bags for vegetable oils.
Here you have a look inside.
This is for decoration - water protected on the inside.
Have a look and what do you think about? I think they're pretty handmade and a lovely design.

If you want to buy some -  you can get on of these for 49,00 Euro + shipping. You can write me via email (infos[et]

Have fun and happy nursing!